• What are Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions?

    Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions comprised of individual synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. The lashes are thicker at the base and taper to a fine point. They are applied to individual eyelashes, one lash at a time, for a natural, elegant and luscious look. Xtreme Lashes® is perfect for special occasions as well as for every day wear. Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are for professional application only.

  • What are Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions made out of?

    Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are crafted from synthetic polyester. Synthetic lashes respond better to wear and tear than other materials. In addition, synthetics have the least possible chance of allergic reactions with human skin.

  • What do they look like and how do they feel?

    With proper application, Eyelash Extensions look and feel completely real. Each application is customized to suit the individual. We offer lashes in two different curls (J-curl and C-curl) with lengths ranging from 6mm to 17mm. Varying individual synthetic lash lengths are chosen to carefully replicate the shape and frame of a natural lash line. The overall effect is added curl, thickness and length, opening up the eye for added definition.

    Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are designed to be indistinguishable in size and weight to human lashes. They are flexible yet crimp-resistant, and they move with your natural lashes. As long as you keep up with the touch-up applications, it is almost impossible to tell that you are wearing the extensions.

    When properly applied you will not notice the addition of the extensions to your lashes and they will not cause your natural lashes to fall out ahead of their natural cycle.

  • What are the benefits of wearing Eyelash Extensions?

    Most women choose Eyelash Extensions to lengthen their natural lashes while others want their lashes to look fuller.

    Eyelash Extensions can create a younger appearance on many clients. Eyelash Extensions create the appearance of a brighter, more open and rested eye, thereby creating a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

    The added benefit is that they look beautiful day and night, all day, every day. With Eyelash Extensions you can look and feel gorgeous from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep with little or no effort.

  • How long do Eyelash Extensions Last?

    The look can be maintained indefinitely with infills. When properly applied, eyelash extensions will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests fall out. This can be as long as two months or more. To maintain that “full look” infills are typically required every 2 to 4 weeks.

    Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles. When a natural lash matures and falls out, a new lash has already been growing and quickly replaces it without us noticing the turnover. This process is constant and at any given moment our many natural lashes are at different stages of maturity. Some are just growing in, while others are ready to shed. People typically shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. On shorter natural lashes, this growing and shedding cycle is virtually unnoticeable.

    When eyelashes are extended with Eyelash Extensions, it will be more noticeable when these lashes shed because they are much longer than natural lashes, and you are more conscious of your Eyelash extensions. Please keep in mind this is a perfectly normal occurrence, with or without extensions. Eyelash Extensions are applied primarily to those lashes that are in the middle of their maturation cycle to maximize the amount of time they will last, without jeopardizing the health of ‘baby’ lashes. The individual Eyelash Extension will fall out with the natural lash it is attached to when it reaches the end of its growth cycle. A few individual Eyelash Extensions may shed within the first week because the attached natural lashes are at the end of their growth cycle.

  • How long does the procedure take?

    A full set of Eyelash Extensions will take about 90-120 minutes to apply, depending on the set that has been chosen. Infills will take from 30 minutes to complete, depending on the number of lashes that need to be applied.

  • Can you describe the application process?

    You will be comfortably reclined with your eyes closed while Eyelash Extensions are applied one at a time to your own natural eyelashes. There is no discomfort or pain involved in the procedure.

  • How do I take care of my Eyelash Extensions?

    Your new Eyelash Extensions are long, thick and beautiful! Once applied, they last indefinitely with infills. Best of all, they are easy to maintain. We will give you a detailed easy care maintenance instruction manual following your procedure. To maintain this look and extend the life of your lashes, follow these easy care instructions:

    • Do not wash eyes or shower for 48 hours after lash application. Do not swim or spa for 48 hours after lash application to allow adequate time for bonding.
    • Be gentle with your lashes.
    • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
    • Avoid oil-based and waterproof mascara. Water based mascara and water based mascara remover may be used. Use mascara sparingly and gently remove mascara with water-based eye makeup remover. Xtreme Lashes® water-based mascara is specially formulated for eyelash extensions and is the safest option to maintain your Eyelash Extensions. Apply mascara on the tips only.
    • We recommend getting infills every two to four weeks.
    • Refer to after care instructions given at the time of your appointment.
  • What are infills?

    Following the initial application of Eyelash Extensions, with proper care and maintenance, if you were looking to maintain that “full look” infills are typically only needed once every 2 to 4 weeks to replace the lashes that have shed.

    This is the application of individual Eyelash Extensions to fill in spaces in your lash line where your natural lashes have shed. Please note we will not provide infills for Eyelash Extensions done by another salon without first seeing the standard of work of your Eyelash Extensions.

  • Can I swim, shower, exercise, or visit a spa while wearing Xtreme Lashes®?

    Yes. The Xtreme Lashes® specially formulated bonding agent allows you to shower, swim, exercise, sleep and spa worry-free whilst you have Eyelash Extensions. You can enjoy these lashes with little need to adjust your lifestyle. Please do not swim or spa for 48 hours after the procedure to allow the bonding agent to fully cure.

  • Can I apply mascara to my Eyelash Extensions?

    Indeed, one of the main advantages of Eyelash Extensions is never needing mascara again. However, if you must have the mascara look, only water based mascara can be used. A specially formulated Xtreme Lashes® mascara is available, designed specifically for safe use with Eyelash Extensions. Do not use oil-based or waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara along with any type of oil based mascara will dissolve the bonding agent and cause Eyelash Extensions to fall off your natural lashes.

  • What do I do if I want them removed?

    Samantha maintains a very high standard of work and therefore we are usually only asked to remove the work done from another salon, or toward the end of the Eyelash Extensions to remove a few remaining lashes.

    As the natural lashes cycle out, Eyelash Extensions will shed with them. However, if necessary, Eyelash Extensions can be removed using a specially formulated adhesive remover. Never try to remove Eyelash Extensions on your own. Damage can be caused by pulling the extensions off with the natural lash, removing the natural lash before it is ready to shed. This removal process generally takes approximately 30 minutes however can vary depending on the amount of adhesive we need to breakdown.

  • I have no lashes at all, can I wear Eyelash Extensions?

    Eyelash Extensions are applied to existing natural lashes and you must have some natural lashes to receive the procedure. Eyelash Extensions should not, and in many cases cannot, be applied to clients who have alopecia, are undergoing chemotherapy or those who suffer from trichotilomania, unless and until the individual has received effective treatment and normal lash growth has resumed.